DIG Fund
Digital Investments Growth Fund

DIG Fund is a private, growth and open platform, with exposure to the digital asset market, such as cryptocurrencies. This way, we offer our clients a Value proposition that belongs to the “Fourth Economic Revolution”, demarcated by the convergence of digital technologies with “person-to-person” payment methods, decentralized from any economic effect caused by the countries and their economies around the world.

Due to its nature as a digital investment, the fund is considered a “green” investment and in line with high standards of social responsibility. We are working on making official this condition of the fund, by an international provider.

We focus on sophisticated investors, knowers about the generalities of financial markets and whoever seeks to provide their portfolios with a portion of innovation, providing it, among other aspects, of:

  • A healthy diversification according to traditional assets
  • The ability to maximize efficiency through a powerful, modern and resilient type of asset in the face of today’s financial markets changes.

The DIG Fund is marketed by the Achieve Capital LLC group, with licenses in Geneva, Switzerland and headquarters in various countries in Latin America, the United States and Europe. The total of assets managed by the Achieve Group exceeds USD 2.5 Bn (two thousand five hundred million dollars), in the different products it commercializes.

DIG Fund, for its part, is located in the island of Saint Kitts and Nevis, a former dependency of the British kingdom since 1983. It maintains presence in the “Commonwealth”, and therefore is a member of the OECD. It is respectful, to this day, of the British monarchy.

The island has, within its legal framework, laws, regulations and policies that have come from the British kingdom throughout its history. In this way, its legal enclave provides its jurisdictions with a healthy balance between “robustness” and “letting do business”, which is a strange mixture to find in our days.

Why to have DIG Fund in your investments portfolio?

Digital assets are providers of extraordinary relative value in clients’ portfolios, due to their high volatility and, therefore, the possibility of providing them with extraordinary returns by managing their different risks. This is where the true value of the DIG Fund lies, every time that, through sophisticated strategies, it has managed to demonstrate its ability to control the volatility of the assets it manages, translating it into a clear profit for clients.


You will be able to obtain attractive profits with minimal investment as long as you consider that the returns are determined by the market behavior.


Through your investment in the DIG Fund, you can become a direct beneficiary of its relative value, with minimum investment limits accessible to most and an easy-to-understand operation. “We speak their language.”

Professional Management DIG Fund

The DIG Fund team of professionals is highly qualified, with accumulated knowledge in the traditional financial area in more than two hundred years of experience at the highest levels. This value is used in the management of digital assets, which is finally reflected as an increase in the profitability of client portfolios, depending on their participation in the DIG Fund.


Once you become an investor in the DIG Fund, you will have access to a private technological platform, where you will be able to look at the results of your investment, as well as commentaries made directly by the fund manager, in order to obtain a better understanding of what happens at the crucial moments of the fund’s underlying. In this sense, we translate the results of the DIG Fund into US dollars, even when the functional currency of the fund is Bitcoin.

DIG Fund Benefits

Easy accessibility

Client has access to investment outcomes. (digital)

Contributions’ self-management

We mitigate risk: we control volatility


Found domiciled under the laws and regulations of Saint Kitts and Nevis, under the exclusive commercialization of Achive Group.

Main success key factors of DIG Fund


Active trading

No “buy and hold” in several crypto currencies


algorithms (bots)



Distribution of quarterly returns

(client can capitalize, if desired)


Sinking Fund

or profits to expense reserve, to reduce volatility during low months


Use of the futures market

for short operations (short selling)


Provable track record

in which we have overcome critical moments of the markets with wide solvency


Low leverage

given the high volatility of the underlying assets, which does not exceed 3% at high use times.

Historical DIG Fund returns

2023 Net monthly yield
2022 Net monthly yield
2021 Net monthly yield
2020 Net monthly yield

Shape up your investment portfolio…

About Bitcoin (main asset of DIG Fund):

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency created through the public and free Blockchain code, in 2008. Its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, devised it with the intention of it to be decentralized and independent, with the objective to function as a “person to person” mean of payment and without intermediaries.

Due to its decentralized nature, Bitcoin is not subject to inflationary events, depreciation or inorganic emission, as is the case with most countries in the world. Its value is objectively determined by the forces of supply and demand.

Today, there are a large number of digital currencies in the world. However, Bitcoin maintains its hegemony with about half of the total market capitalization of digital assets.

DIG Fund

Our Team

DIG Fund's team of professionals is highly qualified, with accumulated knowledge and experience in the traditional financial sector of more than two hundred years, at the highest executive and transactional levels. This value is used in the management of digital assets, which is finally reflected as an increase in the profitability of client portfolios, depending on their participation in the DIG Fund.
Juan Carlos Araya

Juan Carlos Araya

CEO and Founding Partner
He has more than 30 years of experience in regional and international financial markets, 25 of which he has held executive and management positions in large companies in Central America, the United States and Canada.

Rafael J. Del Carpio

Global Chief Economic Strategist
Partner of DIG Fund and member of its Executive Committee. Partner of DIG Fund and member of its Executive Committee. Rafael is currently Global Chief Economic Strategist of Achieve Group, based in Boca Raton, Florida, with a license in Geneva, Switzerland, and offices in different parts of the world.

Diego Fernando Burneo Aguirre

Latam Commercial Manager
Specialized in project structuring and financing, including national and international securities issuance systems. Administration of funds, as well as design of fiduciary models.

Alejandro Paez Guevara

Country Manager Colombia
He has 20 years of experience in the insurance and financial sector. Specialist in the development of investment business models, as well as strategies for growth and capital strengthening in the short, medium and long term.