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DIG Fund is a private, open-ended investment fund with exposure to digital assets (mostly Bitcoin), created to serve the needs of sophisticated, risk-savvy investors.
Its clients seek diversification of their portfolios through a “high yield” asset class. In this way, they are able to maximize the performance of their portfolios versus traditional assets, which generally yield a single digit on an annual basis.

DIG Fund remains faithful to a strategy of maximizing results through professional technical analysis processes, without neglecting the fundamental part. For these purposes, it resorts to self-made “bots” and active trading, executed by a widely recognized team in Latin America, who have previously proven, in their successful careers, the strategies they use in the different asset classes they have managed, including, of course, traditional assets.

DIG Fund is exclusively marketed by the Achieve Capital LLC group, licensed in Geneva, Switzerland, with offices in various parts of the world.

DIG Fund is domiciled in the island of Saint Kitts and Nevis, which remains under the legacy of the British regulation and legal framework, from which it became independent in 1983, open to the new digital revolution.


“To be the most successful digital asset fund for our clients, in terms of performance, operational efficiency and technological accessibility. This, while being socially responsible and caring for the environment”.


“To become the easiest way for our clients to invest in digital assets, growing their capital, taking advantage of the high volatility of the markets, and helping them achieve their financial goals.”

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Fund Manager


Rafael J. Del Carpio

Global Chief Economic Strategist

Diego Fernando Burneo Aguirre

Latam Commercial Area Director

Alejandro Páez Guevara

Country Manager Colombia