Chart – BTC Projection (02-03-2022)

Attached is the daily chart of BTCagainst USD, at a focal price of $36,580 (own elaboration in Tradingview). Again, Fibonacci, 825 years later, gives us light with his “regression”, in the form of a snail, on what can happen with an asset subject to market forces. BTCvolatility has dropped from 22% (+/-) to 12% (+/-) in January 2022. The reasons are of a fundamental nature, rather than algorithmic (they “shut down” on these events). The latest news is that FMI promotes the “end of cryptos”, which is equivalent to the letter carriers’ union calling a strike proclaiming the end of Gmail… Meanwhile, the mathematician of the 13th century predicts that, in March 2022, the 50-period exponential moving average will cross upwards the 200, proclaiming a new upward movement in the main digital asset. We are currently observing the beginning of this backward movement. We will keep you updated on further developments.