Chart – BTC Projection (03-17-2022)

Attached is the 4-hour chart of BTCagainst USD, at a focal price of $39,514. To find out what has happened to the price, I turn to the help of F. Nietzsche (1844-1900) with his theory of “eternal return”. In it, the philosopher explains that everything that happens has already happened, and everything that happens will happen again. The price moves in an undulating fashion between the $37,000 and $42,000 levels, and does so repeatedly and expectantly. It waits for the Fed’s overnight rate hike decision. It waits to see how the markets will behave after sanctions come and go. Wait for the world to decide what its new order will look like. What is clear to us, is that this BTC consolidation has been ironclad, otherwise proving that there is a robust floor and therefore a ceiling that will soon be breached; time to buy, time to hold. We will keep you updated on further developments.