Chart – BTC Projection (05-11-2022)

Gráfica – Proyección BTC (11-05-2022)

Attached is the 4-hour chart of BTCagainst USD, at a focal price of $30,270 (own elaboration in Tradingview). There is a term in the trading world that explains the psychology of what is happening: Fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). FUD alludes to those who sell when to buy and, more bizarrely, buy when prices are rising, for fear of missing out on the “rally”. This latter behavior is called Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). In the past we have told you that without speculators, markets would not exist; in a way, “all” the participants are speculators since we expect to make capital gains, either by buying or selling. Well, this event we are observing today is just that: a unique buying opportunity, because of all those who sell, desperate for their “losses” not to be greater… We will keep you posted on further developments. #buythedip