Chart – BTC Projection (07-24-2022)

Gráfica – Proyección BTC (24-07-2022)

Attached is the 4-hour chart of BTC against USD (own elaboration in Tradingview), at a focal price of $22,735. We comment a bit about what happened from May to date with the price of BTC against USD. In May, sales of Tesla (one-off liquidity requirements), Luna, Celsius and Grayscale (June yield payment), totaled 236,700 BTC, for a total of 4% of BTC’s market capitalization, at that time. However, the price was affected by unc7.27%, which tells us that the FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) reaction, a psychological factor in the markets, was almost double what it should have been at the fair level. On May 31st, JPMorgan stated that the “fair value” (the fair price of BTC) is $38,000, which coincides with the $5.9 Bn of over impact on the capitalization, as a result of the strong sales. Will that level be repeated? Is the question… We don’t think so! For this reason, it is to be expected that the price should return to $38,000 in the coming weeks (October is a likely month), based on the technical and fundamental analysis expressed above. It is from there that the price should go for the new ATH (All Time Highs). We will keep you updated on further developments.