Graph – BCT Projection (10-01-2021)

4-hour chart of BTCagainst USD, at a focal price of $47,320 (own elaboration in Tradingview).

We show an example of a trade with signals from one of our bots, initiated yesterday at 20:00 (-6:00 GMT) and ended today at 7:00 in the same time zone, for a gain of 9.27%, represents the transaction, a correct use of exponential moving averages, acting in unison with the relative strength index, the MacD and the Parabolic Sar, resulting in a successful trade.

October begins with a strong start, after a September influenced by the fundamental part, where the stock indexes and the news from China played a relevant role. We will keep you updated on new developments.

Juan Carlos Araya

Founding Partner and Fund Manager DIG Fund