Graph – BTC Projection (11-04-2021)

4-hour chart of BTCagainst USD(own elaboration in Tradingview), at a price of $61,194.

After an October where the net return on the fund was 40.04%, the outlook for the following weeks remains positive. It starts the month with a break, perfectly respecting the short-term exponential moving averages, and the support given by the natural trading channel. The market seems ready to accept the $60,000 level as a consolidation level, in order to get ready to grow.

Let’s remember that the third week of the month will be a week of futures liquidation, which may be adjusted downward by the recent exceptional results in long positions.

Relative strength index and MacD ready to rise, as can be seen in the chart. We will keep you updated on further news.

Juan Carlos Araya

Founding Partner and Fund Manager DIG Fund