Graph – BTC Projection (12-30-2021)

Attached is the one-month graph of BTCagainst USD(stablecoin USDC), at a price of $46,875 (own elaboration in Tradingview). In this opportunity, I bring up the monthly seasonality because it shows us relevant predictive aspects, facing the price consolidation observed in the current month of December. First, we observe how, in a downtrend, the price consistently bounces off the 9-period exponential moving average, which is happening right now. Second, the long term “bull flag” formation is still clearly targeting the $110/$115k level. Third, the Parabolic Sar is rising and the last two times it has been rising for 9 to 10 months (it has been rising for 3 months now). Finally, the relative strength index is in an “oversold” position, showing signs of a current momentum towards buying rather than selling. We will keep you updated on further movements.