Graph – BTC projection against USD (05-22-2023)

Gráfica – Proyección BTC contra USD (22-05-2023)

Attached is a 1-month chart in Tradingview (own elaboration), showing four relevant indicators: gold (gold), US total liquidity (brown), Bitcoin (light blue) and the USDollar (blue).

We thought it would be interesting to share them with you because we can identify the correlation patterns that Bitcoin (gold) follows, as well as its momentum (total liquidity) or decorrelation (dollar index) triggers, in order to be able to predict a certain Bitcoin price behavior in the long term.

In the circles, we see an indication to buy the dollar (September 2021), where Bitcoin clearly starts its bearish phase, and the one to sell the US currency (September 2022), 5 months before the Parabolic Sar would signal a downward trend change in the dollar, and which could be interpreted as a bullish season, both in gold and Bitcoin.

We still have to wait for the trend change on the monthly BTC chart, which we have already anticipated could happen in June or July 2023.

Good time to get into the DIG Fund! We will keep you posted on further developments.