JPMorgan backs Bitcoin to rise 28% and says cryptocurrencies are now its preferred alternative asset.

Today’s news regarding JPMorgan giving a “fair” BTC heat for USD of $38,400, lacks one element: Tempo… It may be “already”, while my numbers, on the annual chart (first chart above), gives an account that we are looking at the beginning of what could be the 5th Elliott wave. If we project, it gives us that, at the end of that wave, the price could reach $225 thousand (BTC per USD). Fundamentally justifying that number:

((431 Tn x 2,5%)/21)x44%=225,7

Or $225 thousand per BTC


$431 Tn = Net current world wealth (unleveraged) in USD.

2.5%: the minimum percentage that any portfolio should be in crypto-assets

21 M: the maximum number that will be in BTC

44%: the dominance of BTC in the total number of crypto-assets.

Fascinating, don’t you think?

Source: own elaboration in Tradingview and various news of public order.