The Client will provide the "Portfolio Managers" with the initial funds, which will be deposited in the account of DIG Fund, or whoever it designates, in FIAT currency (US Dollars) or digital currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether or USDollarcoin), and will be managed in digital currency (the aforementioned). Once the funds are credited, the contract between the client and the portfolio managers will be perfected, under the DIG Fund structure./p>

The functional currency of the fund will be Bitcoin, so the investments will be recorded and represented in this currency, regardless of whether the investments are executed in other digital currencies.

The account statement will be presented to the client in U.S. dollars, for their better understanding. The account statements will be made available to the client during the first 10 working days of each month to the client's registered email address.

The portfolio managers will at all times act honestly and in good faith, in the best interests of the client.

The portfolio managers do not guarantee a return on investments, which are subject to a range of risks. Likewise, past performances of the fund are not a guarantee of future performances.

The fund may distribute quarterly the net returns obtained, if the client so requests, in April, July, October, and January (according to the closing of the previous month). The net results are taken after deducting the fund's own expenses from the gross yield. The resulting monthly profits or losses are distributed equally between the client and the fund. The payments, a product of the profitability generated during the immediately preceding quarter, will be credited to the client's accounts during the first ten (10) business days following the close of each quarter.

The term of this agreement is twelve (12) months, which may be subject to renewal. Upon expiration of this term, a withdrawal window of the principal is opened, under the client's instruction, to be executed in the first 10 days of the following quarterly closing. Upon renewal of the contract, there will be a twelve-month period, where the withdrawal conditions (principal or yields) will return to what was previously agreed. This twelve-month period will be monitored independently for each investment order.

Either party may cancel this agreement by giving at least one month's notice to the other party. An early withdrawal charge, if applicable, will apply.

The law applicable to this portfolio management services agreement is the law of the Federation of Saint Christopher & Nevis, usually referred to as Saint Kitts and Nevis, an independent sovereign state whose legal framework is that of the British Commonwealth.

The client accepts that the tax, accounting, and legal management of its investments, in any legal market, are entirely under its responsibility, and therefore exempts the Fund and the Achieve Group, as exclusive marketer of the DIG Fund, from the contingencies, of any kind, related to these aspects. The client understands and accepts that if due to his nationality, nature of his business or origin of his funds, he becomes a taxpayer of the tax system of the United States of America (identified as "Internal Revenue Service" or "IRS"), or of any other country, he authorizes the Fund and the Achieve Group to provide the information required by the corresponding tax authorities upon written or electronic request.

As accepted the contract is considered signed by both parties. I declare under oath that my client profile adjusts to the risk conditions of the fund, such as high transactional volatility, and that the origin of my funds is legal.

This document is a summary. The client will have access to his complete and signed agreement between the parties, for validation, review and registration.