The future of the digital economy

The digital economy takes us to previously unimaginable, unknown, quantifiable and measurable routes. Concepts such as Decentraland create a parallel “world”, completely alternative to the one we know, where properties can be bought and rented with digital currency, to say the least. It can be applied to a job, for which we will receive a pay, and where the person who assists in performing its work is our avatar. Yes,there are virtual banks where we can borrow money, works of art created with NFT’s, which can increase or decrease in value over time. Since there is the law of supply and demand, prices reflect an alternative “reality”, there are price formers, such as OpenSea and where contracts are perfected in a smart way with tools such as Ada Cardano. A smart contract is characterized by being self-executing, once it is perfected it cannot be stopped, modified, deleted, or even censored. We are entering a surreal world, where the pandemic has lightened our step towards alternative ways of doing things. Will it be that someday, when we die, our avatar will continue to live on for us, maintaining a personality identical to the one we had in the real world and that will relate to our loved ones? Welcome to the digital era, to the future, to what we could never even imagine before; the good thing is that there is no turning back… Let’s enjoy it with optimism and excitement!

Juan Carlos Araya

Founding Partner and Fund Manager DIG Fund