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The key to the future is in your hands. It’s time for you to take control

¡Atrevámonos a ver el futuro con optimismo, entusiasmo y alegría!⁣⁣

✍️ Suppose that someone -possibly a horse breeder and bicycle manufacturer-, back in 1884, lets himself say: “We are going to transport ourselves only on horses and bicycles!”… Meanwhile, a gentleman, surnamed Daimler, passes in front of us, manipulating a kind of bicycle, propelled by a combustion engine.

Horror of horrors! Let’s banish this device and anyone who drives it, because he is daring to break with our traditions!

Well, something similar is happening with the new digital means of payment… The year is 2009. The world has just survived a disaster, this time, again, sponsored by the established, by the untouchable, by what “cannot be changed”.

The “high-tech engineers” of Silicon Valley, who invented the code, must take refuge in a pseudonym (Satoshi Nakamoto) in order not to confront, personally, the very powerful world financial system… The reason? The code they have just written represents the motorcycle that in the future will unseat the traditional financial system.

Satanizing digitalization makes us be on the side of the horses; we are at the gates of a new economy and a new world.

Which side do you want to be on? Let’s dare to look to the future with optimism, enthusiasm and joy!

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