Tracking behavioral patterns of financial assets

In monitoring the behavioral patterns of financial assets, which is where we can find more observation and analysis resources, there are mechanisms and tools that allow us to identify probabilities of a future movement, based on the past (Backtesting). There are emotional moments, highly technical ones and fundamental ones; all must be read with care. Sometimes, when relative forces are rising, there are “breaks”, which are necessary spaces to consider the next strategic move. As many participants identify the same thing, there is a certain “trance” that draws geometric shapes, as if a song were being written, where rhythm is a fundamental part. In life, as in the markets, it is important to identify the patterns that lead us to the rise, to the fall and to those of the necessary “rest”, to start again, as normal forms of behavior. Avoiding overreaction will allow us to keep control of our emotions and enjoy the moment we are living to the fullest. Let’s live with joy!